i’m gone

my voice is fading
my eyes are caving in
your power is overwhelming
I can’t help it
if i fall under your spell again
you’re supposed to be supportive
but all you do is talk shit
you don’t catch me when I fall
instead you point and laugh at all
my attempts to help myself
I need you to be someone else
but you’re not and I can’t change you
instead maybe i should leave you
but love is about sacrifice
and, well, sometimes you treat me nice
it should be ALL the time
you should make me wanna fly
but I feel like I’m drowning
in all your negativity
I think I need to set me free
cut loose all of your baggage
that you’ve been making me carry
so if you love me set me free
go on and let me be
it’ll be healthy for the both of us
to get some time apart from this
but your power is overwhelming
I can’t help if it I fall
under your spell again
I’m gone
I’m gone
your casual and callous destruction
don’t leave me with no function
when your hands touch my skin
it makes me feel like a shining star
but your fingers leave a galaxy
of bruises where they are
I’m gone.