not bad, not good, just Eh.
that feeling where happiness is just out of reach and you feel numb
that feeling where the world is too loud, but you crave to hear it anyway
I hate eh, because I get this itch under my skin that I cant reach and it makes me want to move, but it also makes me want to be still and do nothing
my focus blurs, I can’t concentrate enough to sit down and read a book to pass the void time
I am inside a black hole
everything is so slow, and yet going too fast for me to notice it all
I can’t keep up and soon it will all disappear for ever and I’ll never get it back and yet I still waste my time
people often mistake this feeling for boredom, but I know better.
it is more than bored
it is more that tired
it is nothing and everything all at once
all the questions of the universe crashing into your body
traveling through your veins until it reaches your heart
and turns it black with darkness
all the unanswered questions pile up
and crush you like a tonne of feathers
so soft on your skin but still with the weight of a thousand suns
but without the light
who needs vision anyway when all you’ll see in this world is
people hurting each other for no good reason
who needs vision anyway when all you will see is people suffering
who needs vision anyway when all you will see is people standing by,
not doing anything to help
when they have the means and the money and the power


An Observation; Ben

His hands are steady as he puts pen to paper; images flowing from his mind and into being. His face is the picture of concentration as he draws, his mouth set in a determined line. His usually expressive eyebrows still and clam as he works. He sings along absently to the blissful music spinning on the record player in the background. His fluffy hair hands in his face just touching the line of his brow and his eyelashes touch his cheeks each time he blinks. He is content.